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Electric Cars Done Right

The main issue with the low acceptance rate of electric cars is the cost and range.  Car companies have been trying to resolve the issue by typical technology evolution. This will never work. Technology revolution is necessary and usually occurs by applying known technology from a different field.  Car companies have been trying to improve […]

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Billion Dollar Patent Blunders

Some patents are valuable, most are not, but some are incredibly costly. Included here is a short list of types of billion dollar mistakes, with an example of each type.  Patents are negative rights given to the patent holder to prevent someone from doing the invented thing for a short while in exchange for teaching […]

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How to Write a Great Patent in Ten Easy Steps

Step one, find a good patent attorney.  Talk to local inventors, find a local attorney, do not use a national mail in service or do it yourself, both start cheap, but end up costing way too much.  Ask about the process, timing and cost.  If you do not like the answers find a different attorney […]

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